North by Northeast

Freshest Ever
10 April, 2008, 10:52 pm
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Just saw this at Kottke with the description “This video makes me irrationally happy.”I found it entertaining, myself. Stick with it to the end.

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Obama’s Strong Speech on Race and Progres in America
18 March, 2008, 1:42 pm
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An excellent speech by Senator Obama today. You should watch it in its entirety instead of just to the sound bites the television will deliver you tonight.

There is a full text transcript available at the campaign web site, as well.

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Things not to show your TV-watching dog.
18 March, 2008, 8:05 am
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Our Greta is a wonderful and smart dog. Sometimes, though, she outsmarts herself. You see, Greta has learned to watch TV. Being a watchdog, any time she sees anything on the TV that appears vaguely animal-like, she freaks out trying to scare it away from her family. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to convince her these animal threats aren’t real.

So naturally, it wasn’t a good idea to show her this video on my laptop. It took her a good couple minutes to calm down after that. However, you should probably watch this.

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