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Outrageous Preemptive Peace Protester Arrests in Minneapolis Ahead of RNC08
30 August, 2008, 11:35 pm
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Excuse me, are we living in China or the United States?

I’m pretty sure we just got finished seeing protestors get arrested in China for attempting free speech, including some Americans.

I’m also pretty sure some RNC08 protestors have just been arrested in Minneapolis, Minnesota for planning to protest for peace.

I am besides myself that this is happening in my country. Outraged. If people continue to allow this jackboot thuggery in this country, things are going to turn bad. I’m going to say under one potential presidential administration, this will be less likely to continue. I’ll leave the answer up to your interpretation.

Read up:

Salon (with video): Massive police raids on suspected protestors in Minneapolis

New York Times: Dozens Detained Ahead of Convention.

Minnesota Independent: Crackdown Begins: Food Not Bombs House Among Saturday Raids.


Hillary The Fail
3 June, 2008, 1:23 pm
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I had a lot of respect for Senator Hillary Clinton before she entered the 2008 Presidential campaign. She had lived through a lot of public turmoil, with many personal attacks from conservatives during her time in as First Lady. She tried to use the First Lady’s position as one that could actually accomplish something meaningful, other than hosting teas and giving tours of the White House.

She set back the cause of universal health care in this country 50 years when she bungled that task. Granted, it wasn’t totally her fault, she was just acting like the Republicans who were attacking her on the issue.

Then, she had the great personal tragedy for all the world to see, all while trying to raise a teenager in the White House. Then she recovers a few years later from all this to successfully become a Senator in a state she’d never lived in. She certainly is a fighter, and she dedicated her life to the public, despite all the personal difficulty it may have caused for her.

But now, we’ve seen her Presidential campaign.

She’s repeatedly been unable to properly budget her campaign’s finances. She’s repeatedly had to “loan” her campaign millions from her personal fortune. All while claiming she’ll be able to run the national budget better than the current administration—who is also always taking out loans to finance its hi-jinx.

She conveniently bends the truth to make it fit her agenda, whenever it’s convenient for her. If you disagree, her surrogates will attack you. She’s all for the rules… that are beneficial to her. She’s against rules that are “unfair” even if she was for them just a few months ago.

She’ll say anything for an applause line. Drop the gas tax? Sure. It doesn’t make any financial sense, but what do economists know? It’s get me a few votes!

She’ll leverage racist poor whites to advance her personal agenda, and tell us “You never know, look what happened to Bobby Kennedy.”

Despite absolutely no chance of winning a fight she’s quagmired in, she refuses to quit, continuing to fight on wasting untold millions, at untold cost to her party’s ultimate success in November. All for personal glory.

Now I have no personal respect for Senator Clinton. Senator Clinton represents all that is wrong with the Democratic Party. Senator Clinton is one example of why I am not a Democrat.

Bill Clinton’s Voting Advice (circa 2004)
22 April, 2008, 2:08 pm
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That’s advice I’d take to the bank.

Obama’s Strong Speech on Race and Progres in America
18 March, 2008, 1:42 pm
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An excellent speech by Senator Obama today. You should watch it in its entirety instead of just to the sound bites the television will deliver you tonight.

There is a full text transcript available at the campaign web site, as well.

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Obama’s blog-style bitch slap of the Clinton Campaign’s BS Machine
14 March, 2008, 7:33 pm
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This may be the funniest thing you read today: Obama Campaign Skewers Clinton E-mail Statement

Pennsylvania is of particular importance, along with Ohio, Florida and Michigan, because it is dominated by the swing voters who are critical to a Democratic victory in November. No Democrat has won the presidency without winning Pennsylvania since 1948. And no candidate has won the Democratic nomination without winning Pennsylvania since 1972.

[What the Clinton campaign secretly means: PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE FACT THAT WE’VE LOST 14 OF THE LAST 17 CONTESTS AND SAID THAT MICHIGAN AND FLORIDA WOULDN’T COUNT FOR ANYTHING. Also, we’re still trying to wrap our minds around the amazing coincidence that the only “important” states in the nominating process are the ones that Clinton won.]

And the hits keep coming. The entire document is thoroughly entertaining.

An Hour and a Half with Barack Obama
5 March, 2008, 9:23 pm
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An Hour and a Half with Barack Obama by Mark Andreessen is a must read if you’d like an inside view of the candidate from someone who doesn’t live his life inside the political loop.

Clinton’s New Campaign Manager Has a History
11 February, 2008, 12:18 pm
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Senator Hillary Clinton replaced her campaign manager today with a woman from her past, Maggie Williams. Williams had served as the First Lady’s Chief-of-Staff during Bill Clinton’s first term in office. Williams is an interesting choice because of how she left the White House when she worked there. Here’s a short summary from the NPR News Blog.

Williams left the White House in 1998 after questions arose about her relationship with controversial Democratic fund raiser Johnny Chung, who was convicted of bank fraud, tax evasion, and two misdemeanor counts of conspiring to violate election law. Williams had also faced allegations during the first Clinton term that she had removed the files of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster after his suicide.

Is Senator Clinton trying to write Obama Campaign press releases for them? This sounds like a gift to me. Plays right into their major point: “Senator Clinton is a great woman, who plays Republican-style politics right on the edge of the ethics line.”

Here’s more detail and background from Huffington Post and the New York Post.

Make up your own mind, but to me this is “yet another reason to vote for Obama.”