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Too many personal blogs?
2 November, 2008, 6:51 pm
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Folks, I have four blogs, two of which are “catch all” anything-I-want-to-post blogs. Those two would be this one and my Tumblr blog.

This seems a little ridiculous. I first started the Tumblr blog as an experiment on several levels: to see the interface (love it), to assess Tumblr for Amanda’s usage (she now uses it and likes it), to test Disqus as a comment plug in (worked there, works on Amanda’s), and to try out moblogging (pretty neat).

So it turns out that pretty much everything I need for a personal blog is on Tumblr, since I’m just looking to keep it simple there, and I have other blogs for “pro-level” blogging and customizations (whatever it means).

Should I stop posting here and move my longer text posts to Tumblr? I’ve thought about integrating my Tumblr blog onto my personal domain ( because that looks simpler than any other system.

Can I get an opinion from you, one of the (at least) six of you that read this blog on occasion?

Many thanks!


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I imagine Tumblr would work well if you wanna consolidate. As long as you can get past the idea that it’s for shorter posts.

Comment by Jacob Harvey

I too have 5 blogs – one of which is a tumblr blog.
I’ve often wondered if I should just consolidate them all…

Comment by Apostolos K.

Please consolidate, as I would love to use your byline, north by northeast.

Comment by CosJam

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