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Clinton’s New Campaign Manager Has a History
11 February, 2008, 12:18 pm
Filed under: politics, Politics 2008

Senator Hillary Clinton replaced her campaign manager today with a woman from her past, Maggie Williams. Williams had served as the First Lady’s Chief-of-Staff during Bill Clinton’s first term in office. Williams is an interesting choice because of how she left the White House when she worked there. Here’s a short summary from the NPR News Blog.

Williams left the White House in 1998 after questions arose about her relationship with controversial Democratic fund raiser Johnny Chung, who was convicted of bank fraud, tax evasion, and two misdemeanor counts of conspiring to violate election law. Williams had also faced allegations during the first Clinton term that she had removed the files of deputy White House counsel Vince Foster after his suicide.

Is Senator Clinton trying to write Obama Campaign press releases for them? This sounds like a gift to me. Plays right into their major point: “Senator Clinton is a great woman, who plays Republican-style politics right on the edge of the ethics line.”

Here’s more detail and background from Huffington Post and the New York Post.

Make up your own mind, but to me this is “yet another reason to vote for Obama.”


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