North by Northeast Members Endorse Obama Overwhelmingly
1 February, 2008, 4:20 pm
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Obama trounced Hillary among MoveOn members, 70%-29%

Wow. Remember that was founded to get Congress drop the useless witch hunt impeachment of Bill Clinton. Now look at that number again.

[Source, TPM]

I’ll be announcing my endorsement here soon. Stay tuned. (OK, you probably already know who I’m voting for, but I’d like to explain why in detail.)


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Obama is the face and future of both the Democratic Party and America. We need to move forward, not backward. Many people believe that voting for Hillary will be like going back to 1994 and the Bill days, but it won’t. This is 2008 we need to be looking forward to how we can improve, not just return to the status quo. As more people begin to realize this, more people lean towards Obama. By the way, the republicans thought Bush Jr. would be much like Bush Sr. I bet they are regretting making that bet now…look forward to a new brighter path, vote OBAMA!

Comment by marshallatksu

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