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Heavy Snow Warning for Medford
13 January, 2008, 4:22 pm
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I am excited that we’re under a heavy snow warning in Eastern Mass. But I have some serious concerns about my street! Normally, plowing on Orchard Street is not outstanding, considering we’re a residential, one-way street.

The hole in Orchard Street, Medford, Mass.

Friday, the city made some repairs to something under our street and left a hole and MHD sign in the middle of the street. The hole takes up at least half the street. Plus, someone has brilliantly parked directly next to the hole, making circumventing it excessively difficult. My small car barely fits between the hole and the car. The hole has sharp edges and is a couple inches deep. It could certainly damage a wheel at any sort of speed.

I doubt the city will fill the hole before the snow starts in four hours–how will the plows get by the sign? If they move it, and we can’t see the hold under the snow, whose wheel gets dented? Will the snow fill it in and provide enough support for passing cars? Will a plow blade get caught on the lip? Quite the drama could unfold tonight and tomorrow.


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