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7 October, 2007, 12:09 am
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I have a real like-hate relationship with John Gruber. You may remember back a bit that Gruber really screwed me over as a paying supporter of his blog. He did finally come through, but it look much too long.

Recently, I sent him an email giving him an update on a blog post where he referenced a pic from the University of Missouri. The pic shows a freshman class of journalism students in a lecture hall, where nearly every pupil had a Mac. A great pic that warms my heart. I sent him a link that Mizzou all but requires Macs for its in coming freshman journalism students. He wrote back within a few hours to say “the point is the increase in Macs in that picture, versus the one taken five years earlier.” I wrote back to remind him that the Mac near-requirement was only instated two years ago, and that’s what makes the comparison “not fair.” I sent him a link to a study at Cornell on the rise of Macs on campus there, across all students (who lived on campus) was a much more “fair” representation of the increased penetration of Mac on campus.

He liked the link so much that he made a post out of it. Without replying to my email, or crediting me for the link, as is standard practice and common courtesy in the blogosphere. I wrote him to kindly request credit for my idea. He declined to reply. As of today, about a week later, he still claims the link as his original thoughts.

When you count his anit-Boston taunts on Twitter, I guess I have a like-hate-like-hate-hate relationship. Well it’s not a relationship at all, because he doesn’t know me from Adam. I doubt he even realizes I’m the same guy that he shafted in the past. If he didn’t write posts like this one, I’d totally wipe all notice of him from my RSS, etc.


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