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Great Take on the Modern Hip-Hop Video (plus bonus info)
26 July, 2007, 7:29 pm
Filed under: music

I found a link to a version of one of Kanye West’s newest tracks “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” from his upcoming album “Graduation.” This alternate version features comedian Zach Galifianakis, who you may recognize from a previous music video, where he was the co-star with Fiona Apple.

Zach’s Take on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Go and watch it now, it’s a great analysis of what goes into the average hip-hop video.

Bonus material: While poking around KanYe’s site I stumbled upon another video–“Stronger”–done in Japan-chic, in which Kanye collaborates with Parisian House, Euro-pop-dance group Daft Punk. They make for a great combination on this track.

You can buy both these songs at iTunes (that link will launch the iTunes app).

PS – Speaking of KanYe and Apple, I might mention that KW is one of the celebrities I met while working for Apple. He was in town for a show at BC. I attempted to extract his data from his custom-laser-inscribed PowerBook (provided by Nike) which had been pretty badly trashed. It took about 36 hours of work (well, counting the time it attempted to run on its own overnight) but we were able to get his data on to a new machine. He was happy. KW is a very friendly, soft-spoken guy. He gave us some tickets to his concert, but BC wouldn’t let us in because we weren’t BC students. That sucked.


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