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25 March, 2007, 4:12 pm
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Granted I had Oregon upsetting Florida in the tournament today, but I am sorry… can Florida not be called for violations? I saw moving picks, fouls and sundry violations galore go uncalled. Especially with Joakim Noah. Is he Michael Jordan or something? You know, exempt from fouls? Or with 25 seconds left in the game, Oregon penetrates to the hoop and their player gets *planted* and lands in the cheerleaders… and we’re supposed to believe he just can’t land his jumps? Are you kidding? And the flip side being if Oregon in the defensive paint brushed a jersey, it was a foul, landing two of their starters disqualified with several minutes left.

This game’s officiating was a travesty.

Oregon wasn’t firing on all cylinders today, and you can’t blame losses on refs, but those guys deserve a reprimand today. Awful. Shameful. _Awfully shameful._


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I didn’t get to see the whole game but I believe you. My dad and I have been noticing that a lot this year. Most games, women and men, involve refs who are too subjective. Sure Team A is much higher ranked than Team B, that doesn’t mean you should give the game to Team B. The refs are controlling too much of the games and letting crowd emotion dictate things.

Comment by jake

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