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Boston: clean out your storm drains!
17 March, 2007, 8:27 am
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Hey, if you live in Boston (or anywhere you just had a big snow dump followed by a big rain dump) go get your boots on, grab a shovel, and just clean out your catch basin grates. Right now they’re covered by several inches of heavy slush, and all this rain is just going to pool up in to a giant street-lake. It’ll take you maybe twenty minutes, but it will pay dividends for the next week or two when we’re still dealing with all this water. If everyone just claims responsibility to the basin closest to their house, then we’ll all reap the collective benefits.

I’m out in Medford, and spent an hour to clean out the one in front of my house, and the one across the street (she wasn’t going to do it) and cleared some paths through the slush from the roadway to the drain. Every time someone drives by, they push more water down the drain, effectively squeegee-ing the street.

Go and pitch in!

PS – if you have opposite side of the street parking, and you’re on the wrong side of the street, go dig out and move. If the plows can go through where you’re parked, they’ll do a hell of a lot better than cars just driving down the street. Oh, and I hope you got a ticket.


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Sounds familiar…

So You guys have problems with your drains too. Until our street was redone 12 years ago we had a constant nightmare with the drain in front of our house, we’re at the lowest spot on the road and it was always plugging with snow, slush, and leaves and most of the other drains on the street were in the wrong places or plugged so all the water ended up at the drain by us. We became the keeper of the drains for 20 years, a role we didn’t relish, but was for our own self preservation.

Comment by David

Sounds familiar!

Ditto on your comments about slush and drains (and parking). Being at the low spot on our street we know full well what being a keeper of the drains means.

Comment by David

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