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Boston’s Mooninite Freak Out
1 February, 2007, 6:29 pm
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Dear Boston, chill out.

But seriously. You need to let these guys go. Just because you thought their Lite Brite installations were bombs doesn’t make that so. In the justice system, you need to prove intent. Clearly, there was no malfeasance here. And ten other cities saw these and didn’t regard them as a threat. You’re just wasting our tax dollars by keeping them locked up and processing them through the legal system. Let alone the unnecessary suffering of the two men. They’ve been able to public keep a good sense of humor, maybe Boston authorities should simply come to their senses.

Now that brings us to another point: clearly Boston needs to save face here. I’d say that’s not a problem: public safety officials responded very quickly to (albeit incorrect) information that came from the public. I think the best way to spin this is to say it worked well as an un-planned drill.

Of course, that brings up the cost of the whole operation. If you really think that this was wrong, then you’re going to need to deal with the marketing firm or Turner Broadcasting. You have to leave the little guys out of it. They’re just working for a paycheck, and not doing anything illegal. Boston’s Mayor Menino said something to this effect this evening on the local news, and it was the first smart thing I think anyone’s said thus far.

I wrote to the city this afternoon to express these concerns. It winds up that these people are friends of a friend (or possibly, friends of a friend’s friend). I received an email informing me of this. You too can contact Boston City Hall and let them know your feelings. My emails were addressed to:

I hope everyone with an opinion writes in. Let’s not let this thing get out of hand.

{Picture at top of post} Best thing I’ve seen thus far, a woman standing behind someone getting interviewed, With a nice printed sign. At the top it read “1/31/07” in the middle it had a picture of Mooninite Lite Brite and at the bottom it read “Never Forget.”


UPDATE: There were two fake pipe bombs found yesterday. The cops think they know who did it, and he’s not in jail.


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