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A day for Music
14 December, 2006, 12:05 am
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Today was all about music for me. At work today, I listen to one of my favorite Internet Radio stations,

SomaFM independent internet radio

They have a couple of seasonal streams up, including a great one that my co-workers and I enjoyed today called “Christmas Lounge: Chilled holiday grooves and classic winter lounge tracks.” Awesome. Two thumbs up. This also contradicts anything you may have heard about me being a Scrooge in regards to Christmas music. Bah humbug. As long as its December, I think Christmas music is fine. Just not 24/7.

I noticed on SomaFM’s front page that they were not meeting their subscription goals for the end of the year, so I made sure to donate to thank them for the many hours I’ve spent listening to Secret Agent, Groove Salad, and IndiePop Rocks!

Tonight, when I got home, I started to explore things that I’ve been told to explore numerous times in the past. Pandora and The reason I avoided them was I knew they’d be a massive time, and quite possibly money sink. Both are noted for their ability to sense the type of music you enjoy, and recommend artists based on many characteristics of the music I already listen to. Sure enough I was right: I spent all night exploring.

At they asked me to start with an artist. So I had to think about what artist I’d like to plug in, this would be the system’s first introduction to me, what pressure? What could possibly represent my really wide and eclectic taste in music? I narrowed it down to Soulive and Medeski, Martin and Wood. I decided on Soulive, and typed it in. The first track played me that it thought I’d like was “SugarCraft” by Martin, Medeski and Wood. It happens to be one of my favorite songs of theirs, to boot. Omen, anyone?

I look forward to playing with those two services.

Another thing I found in a similar vein was “MusicBrainz.” Stupid name for an incredible project. You can download an app that will then listen to songs of yours that may not have the correct ID3 tags… and it can tell you what the song is. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s an impressive premise.

Lastly, I closed out the night with a music video found on YouTube. Oddly enough, one talked about in the Wall Street Journal. Fascinating. Stop motion music. Check it out.

Sadly, I can’t get WordPress to embed the flash player, so here’s the direct link to it on YouTube.

And speaking of stop motion, with good music, David Pogue would recommend this bit of YouTube.

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