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Seasonal Confusion
3 December, 2006, 9:19 pm
Filed under: bike

The season’s oddness has messed me up good. I’ve been prowling the mountain bike forums lately, which I haven’t done in months. I’ve got the itch to ride. Had I had this same itch a month ago (without the things like the new job, new car, health things, repeated trips out of state for the in-laws’ move…) I would have had all sorts of extra riding time this year. But now that I have the itch, snow is due tomorrow.

The funny thing is that the itch is fueled by a corporate benefit I receive that matches funds for me to purchase things that get me physically active. So, for example, if I were to buy an $800 wheelset for the bike, they’d reimburse me $400 in my next paycheck. I can do this upto $2000… I haven’t had any use of it yet, and it expires Dec 31. So I need to get spending. Of course, I need to actually have money to spend, and of course, I had my first car payment for the Rabbit this month.

I’m going to hold off on the wheelset until just before spring, but I do plan on getting a set of pedals, new mtb shoes, and some assorted bike-specific clothing so that I can ride, and some new road tires for the cx/road bike.

But I wanna ride…and there’s no daylight!


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