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Pats Get New Turf – Thumbs Down
16 November, 2006, 3:14 pm
Filed under: Local, sport

After a season of disappointment on the home field this year, the Pats took proactive action this week, by promptly ripping up that grass surface that has been giving them so much trouble this season. I for one applaud this action… they see a problem and don’t wait to fix it. Bravo. That’s what winners do.

However, the natural grass is bring replaced with an articial surface. I am very much against synthetic playing surfaces. If you’re going to have an open air stadium, then, you really need a natural surface. Now, I realize that it is not easy to install a fresh natural surface in a week. So I can see this astroturf as an OK solution until the end of the season, but at that point, they had better get a quality natural surface back into Gillette Stadium. Anything less will be a dissappointment.


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Great work!

Comment by Jesse Rachman

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