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About the new commute
6 October, 2006, 2:50 pm
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I got a wonderful new job!

There are downsides to the new position. One is that the office is in North Andover. OK, there’s nothing bad about that other than I have to drive from Medford to get there. Luckily it’s only about a 35 minute commute (I estimate), but I have to buy a car to get there. Now, personally, I love cars. I have enjoyed taking public transit (bus and subway) for several reasons:

* A lot cheaper.
* Valet driver.
* Less oil consumed.
* Less pollution emitted.
* I can sleep or read for 25 minutes. (based on current commute)
* No traffic if on a train. Less traffic if on a bus. And I don’t have to deal with driving in that traffic, only riding in it.


There is a commuter rail service to Andover. But even if it were easy for me to take the commuter rail to work, the monthly pass alone is $170. That’s outrageous. How do they really expect to get people out of their cars when you can double that per month and own your own brand new, $20k car, that is an asset and you can turn around and sell? I could see the train being worth $70 a month. It’s time for the MBTA to find the finds to cut the commuter rail fees. If they really want people to do the right thing for the environment, there needs to be a financial incentive. If I buy a $170 pass per month, all I get is a commute that takes 3 times as long, involves at least one, maybe two transfers. It’s unfortunate.

I will also miss commuting by bike, which I was able to do often in the warmer months.

Why aren’t there more trains in more places for less money? If they put WiFi on the trains, people would be happy to lengthen their commute, because they could be productive during that time.

Stay tuned for my car shopping post.


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