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Deval Patrick Victorious
20 September, 2006, 4:24 am
Filed under: Local, politics

Tonight, I witnessed a rare thing. Someone I voted for actually won. I was starting to worry. In Massachusetts it was primary day, and here independents can choose to vote in any party’s primary. Today, I chose to participate in the Democratic primary. And tonight, Deval Patrick is the Democratic nominee for Governor of Massachusetts.

If you’re from Mass. and haven’t begun to follow the race yet, I’d check out Deval Patrick’s story. He’s a classy guy with an inspiring story. I wasn’t the only one he won over – he won every precinct in the state, and won the state with 50% of the vote, in a three-way race with two opponents who both had better name recognition.

But, what’s cooler? Deval gave a shout-out his webmaster and web team out in his acceptance speech. Hells yeah. Deval knows what’s up. And he has DFA‘s seal of approval (DFA – organizational child of someone I voted for who didn’t win) which was the final bit that pushed me over the edge.

The other candidates would have been fine candidates. Tom Reilly was an excellent Attorney General. He’s done some bang up work. He’s a nice guy who’s not rich. Spent his whole life in public service. But, he’s the old Massachusetts Democrat guard, which is OK, but isn’t the type of Democrat that is truly progressive.

Chris Gabrielli has some interesting ideas, especially when it comes to growing business in Massachusetts. But he’s just not the total package. He’s spent $20Million of his own money over the last three elections. Wow, he had a lot of money. I wonder what’s left. He would be a good guy to work in Deval’s administration on the business tip.

But I’m excited about what could be in a Patrick administration. Positive progress in education, business, and financial responsibility. And social policy I agree with. Deval Patrick won’t use my home state as the butt of his jokes like some shell-game Governors.

And Kerry Healey is such a stooge that I would absolutely puke if she’s elected. She makes false and tasteless attacks… and of course she’s lock-stepped aligned with the king of stooges, Our Glorious Leader, Prince George W. Bush Tonight, I announce my endorsement of Deval Patrick for Governor of Massachusetts, and I encourage you have a look, too.

Deval Patrick Blog. Deval Patrick Videos

PS- I rode my bike to vote, and that felt good. Cyclists for Patrick!


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