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New Cycling Video Site
22 July, 2006, 4:44 am
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I stumbled upon today. Really high quality video on cycling. Seems to be all road racing, but still cool. Check it out.

Also, Crooked Cog is now podcasting. What makes no sense is that Crooked Cog is Mountain Bike focused, but the entire first podcast is an interview with the manager of Masi Bikes, an obscure road bike manufacturer recently revived by Haro. It was a good show, but didn’t make much sense so far as the Crooked Cog “brand.” Oh and the end with a fake kid was lame. If I was the Masi guy, I would have been embarrassed that that followed me.

Lastly the thing that bothered me the most was the seemingly 5-minute Jenson USA commercial at the beginning. It began 5 seconds in, without warning, and went on forever. I actually stopped listening to the podcast, and was going to trash it, but just the sheer morbid curiosity I had to see just how long they’d have the guts to stretch out that pitch. OMG, I almost turned it off again. They could use a little disclosure. And before we get started, let’s have a word from our sponsor X, and then on with the show! If I hadn’t already decided I was never going to buy something from Jenson because of all the blatent pitches at Crooked Cog (do one of you work for Jenson?) this podcast seals it. I have nothing against commercialism, or trying to make a buck off your site or podcast, but this is overkill. And I say that as the target demographic.


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Thanks for the feedback, I just linked you up on our site!

To answer a few of your comments…

I had Tim Jackson on the show because:

a) I want the show to encompass all areas of cycling. While the other Crooked Cog sites lean towards MTB (except for, I plan on talking to people from across the industry

b) Tim Jackson and I are buddies and I love what he’s done with the Masi brand. Haro didn’t revive the brand, Tim did!

If you think the fake kid thing was lame, just wait until episode 2, the skit part is much worse.

The JensonUSA ad did run a bit long compared to the rest of the show, however episode two will have a bit more commentary at the beginning to help break things up a bit. I don’t work for JensonUSA (nor does anyone else with the Crooked Cog Network) however I do shop from them and they have great prices… and now they are footing the bill for show. Doesn’t get much better then that! (not to mention listeners to our show get special deals on the products mentioned…)

Thanks again for talking about the show! Now people gotta click over and listen just to see how bad it really is!

Comment by Tim Grahl

[…] And my favorite – North by Northeast rips us a new one! Rock on! […]

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I guess I should just clarify: I thought the “Masiguy” was incredibly interesting, and the interview was very well done. Don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, which would be easy since I kinda left out this last part.

I stand by all the critiques, though. Guess they bothered me so much that I forgot to mention the positives, I will wait and listen to the next one, because who doesn’t want to hear from the Surly guys? I’d love to buy a frame from them, maybe the interviewer could ask why they don’t build frames in the US.

Comment by noreaster

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