North by Northeast

I made a mistake.
10 May, 2006, 3:59 pm
Filed under: bike, web

The mistake I made was joining the forums at Boy, I'd managed to stay out of forums for the majority of the last several years. Why? They suck all the time out of your day. I sequestered all of my online interactivity to the comments sections of blogs. Much less grippy. All of that is out the window now as I check the mtbr boards several times a day…

In other news, I'll be posting more info on my bike when it gets its new shifter, saddle and pedals, then I'll stop tinkering and start riding, hopefully. I've had a little trouble with Wheelworks… they promised me on the spot install of the shifter they forgot to give me… and when I showed up they weren't even expecting me. I said I could leave it over night. That was Monday and I haven't heard back from them. They also forgot to order my saddle as they promised. Things are going down hill after an initially great experience. We'll see if we hear from them today, or else they'll hear from me tomorrow.

They need a customer database. Seriously.


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