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Mile Marker One
29 April, 2006, 4:07 am
Filed under: General

I noticed something interesting while I was trying to find a username, which would become my subdomain here at I would just type in a few like, or, or you get the picture. It’s amazing how many people simply create a blog then never touch it. Not even to replace the initial automatically generated post! They didn’t even *try* writing a post, let alone actually try to get into blogging.

Me on the other hand, can’t seem to get my fill of it. No, I’m not A-List prolific. but I do have one blog I’ve maintained with a friend since 2001. I have one on a website dedicated to my wedding. Now I have this one. But why?

For a while, we’ve been chatting about adding a side blog. We mainly post about technology (including a healthy dose of web geekery), science and politics. When we post something personal, or particular to the area I live (my co-author lives a state away), it feels a little out of place. I don’t think it’s a good place to talk about my bus ride home from work, or my neighbor’s lousy band. We haven’t gotten around to building that side blog, and its nobody’s fault. It’s probably half built somewhere, but we get busy, get a side web job, get busy at our normal 40hr a week jobs, work on our portfolio site… you get the drift. And it just doesn’t get built.

I could erect a blog on my personal site. But all of the above things limit that. I’ve been a fan of TextPattern for a while, but after a couple of installs, I can never motivate myself enough to customize it the way I wanted. It’s not that its hard. Heck, it’s elegant. And I’m addicted to Textile. I’ll be looking to see if I can get that to work here… which brings us to… here. Why here? Easy. Always wanted to try WP, and this is free. Also, I don’t have to set up another MySQL DB. Thank God.

So for now, I’ll just type all the stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere, here. And if that side blog gets done, I’ll move it. Happy reading intrepid blog finder.


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